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3D Print controller.

Free you from USB attachments and connecting cords. With the touchscreen system, you can manipulate your printer from the SMART+3DP device itself. The system allows you to rotate, scale, and prepare the 3D model before 3D printing. You can slice with Cura (And other slicers) locally or using our cloud, and even repair your 3D file before 3D printing.

Distraction-free reading.

3D Print Kiosk.

Use SMART+3DP as your personal or commercial 3D Print Kiosk by connecting a big Touch Screen or Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse bundle. SMART+3DP allow to set use limits (Per user, Time, Filament and schedule) or to bill the jobs by Schedule/Time/Filament used combination in a prepaid or postpaid basis.

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Print server.

SMART+3DP Offers a complete system of autonomy for your 3D printer, you only needs a wireless connection to completely control printing from a phone, tablet, smart TV, or traditional computer system. At home using your local Network or from everywhere using our secured Cloud services.

Windows 10 IoT Ready.

Windows 10 IoT.

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SMART+3DP functionality:

  • 3D Model Selection & Process
  • 3D Printer control (Printing)
    • Pause at specific layer (Change color)
  • Camera (Using included camera or Certified USB camera)
    • Take Pictures
    • Record Video and Time-Lapses of print jobs
    • Real Time video monitor
  • 3D Printer control (Idle)
    • Temperature control
    • XYZ home and movement
    • Real Time video monitor control
    • Extrude and Retract Filament
    • Filament change
    • Bed level help process
  • Social media
    • Share a picture of makes in 3D object download platforms
    • Share Picture, Time-Lapses or messages in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook
  • Apps platform (Software plugins – API available for developers)
    • 2D to 3D App
    • Vase Creator (Line Revolver)
    • Tag Creator
    • SCAD Customizer
  • Workshops & Institutions
    • General statistics and also by user / printer (Print Time, Print jobs, Filament used)
    • Invoicing by user/month or by work (Calculate de amount based on rates by Print Time, Print jobs, Filament used, 3 different rates can be assigned to rush, normal and slow hours)
    • Prepaid Credits (User can buy credits for Print Time & Filament)
    • Define Working Hours for each user
  • SMART+3DP Hardware specifications (Premium version)
    • Processor: 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
    • RAM: 1GB
    • Camera: 5MP (2592 x 1944 pixels stills) & 1080P (1920x1080 30fps video)
    • Screen: 3.5” (320*480) TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Monitor
    • Internal Storage: 8GB (4GB free for user)